New House

sorry some are blurry - had issues with the camera

as you walk in the front door

look to the left

back to front door


kitchen 1 - fridge coming

kitchen 2


family - blue is going away

family towards laundry/garage/bath


laundry back

main floor bath - toilet to right

up and downstairs

looking down

looking towards closet/upstairs bath/two bedrooms

looking towards bath/two bedrooms

hall closet/upstairs bath

upstairs bath

upstairs bath

upstairs bedroom 1

upstairs bedroom 1 closet

upstairs bedroom 2

upstairs bedroom 2 closet

upstairs bedroom 3

upstairs bedroom 3 closet

master bedroom (yes, the crappy color is going away)

master bedroom

master walk-in closet

master bathroom

master bathroom

master bathroom (mirror image to see closet better)

master bathroom toilet room

going downstairs

looking down hall in basement

looking down hall in basement the other way
room1 to the right - room 2 straight ahead
door to the left is under stairs storage

main room downstairs (big)

main room downstairs

main room downstairs

room 1 - right at bottom of stairs

room 1 - door goes to utility room with water heater/furnace

room 2

room 2 closets

basement bathroom - yes, the walls are purple

basement bathroom

basement bathroom

behind the door in room 1

behind the door in room 1